Mike Wood Photography

Mike Wood is an artistic photographer from Canada. Self taught, he started experimenting with 110 film cameras as a boy. Several film cameras, digital cameras, and many years later, he now works pretty much exclusively with Canon DSLRs.

Mike’s photos have evolved greatly over the past decade. After allowing his artistic side out of dormancy, he tried several different styles and genres of photography so as not to risk being pigeon holed into one style and missing out on something that might have been more enjoyable. 

Over time, Mike developed a preference for the look of black and white over colour, and natural light and locations over the studio. He grew up shooting Kodak Tri-X black and white film. He always enjoyed the way it forced the viewer to look at an image differently – making them concentrate on shape and texture - as opposed to being overwhelmed by the distraction of colour.

Six years ago, he began to take an interest in photographing people and now does this almost exclusively. Influenced by the varied likes of Arnold Newman, Edward Weston, Richard Avedon and Helmut Newton, Mike wasn’t looking to do studio photography with static backgrounds. Instead he opted for unique locations with a wow factor – ideally somewhere featuring natural light that would also help achieve his goal of a more fashion/artistic nude look. He doesn’t photograph in a studio or use professional models, and is always on the lookout for great off beat locations to incorporate into a unique artistic image for his subjects and models.

Whether in his landscapes, portraits, or nudes - natural light, water, derelict buildings have all come to be a recognizable part of his signature style. While some artists might shy away from the challenges of shooting outdoors or on location, Mike embraces this challenge.

Mike is first and foremost an artistic photographer and it gives him his greatest creative outlet. It inspires him to do more, push the envelope, and to work with people he would perhaps otherwise never encounter in his day-to-day life. It is this type of photography that will probably always remain his passion.

Mike is available for commission or hire and sells selected prints of his work.

Mike can be contacted via about.me/mike.wood